Volumetric Facial Reshaping
Reversing Facial Aging

Dr. Lamblet believes that reversal of the facial aging process can be achieved effectively through three-dimensional volumetric restoration of the face. Volume can be restored to the face using a number of methods, which include injection of soft tissue fillers, placement of facial implants, and autologous micro fat grafting.

Of these methods, Dr Lamblet prefers to utilize autologous micro fat grafting with adipose-derived cells (ADCs) to achieve youthful facial volume and shape.

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Volumetric Facial Reshaping through Autologous Fat Grafting with ADCs

During the procedure of facial micro fat grafting, regenerative cells are harvested from the patient’s collected fat tissue, processed, added to healthy fresh fat cells, and then re-injected in the area to be treated in a single office-based procedure.

By using one’s own cells, the recipient can avoid the problems of disease transmission and rejection associated with donor tissue or implants.  The fat transfer procedure can be performed under local anesthesia to rejuvenate the entire face, or in isolated areas such as the nose, cheeks, chin, and mandible (jowls). 

After the procedure, swelling or persistent bruising is rare, allowing for a rapid recovery in most cases. Dr. Lamblet has been performing autologous fat grafting for over twenty years, and he is a highly qualified doctor specialized in this revolutionary technique.

Fat grafting with ADCs can also be performed on certain areas of the body for cosmetic or reconstructive benefit. Contact the Vikaara Klinik ® in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to arrange a consultation with Dr. Lamblet and learn more about the results that can be obtained with autologous fat grafting with ADCs.

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Volumetric Facial Reshaping