THIGH LIFT surgery

Thigh Lift is a surgical procedure designed to remove extra skin and fat to give you tightened, toned and better-proportioned thighs. If you’ve experienced a significant amount of weight loss, either due to bariatric surgery or exercise and diet, you may have noticed that the skin on your thighs has become loose and obscures your true shape.

Similar issues with excess skin can occur as you age and your skin starts losing its natural elasticity. Thigh lift surgery is a safe and effective body contouring procedure that involves removal of loose skin from the thigh in order to restore a proper contour to the area.

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During a thigh lift, Dr. Lamblet removes excess skin and fat from around the thighs and tightens loose skin. Through an incision made along the bikini line, the skin and fat layer of the upper thigh is pulled upwards to tighten and smooth the appearance of the thighs.

Liposuction may be used at this time to accomplish further contouring and firmness. Extra skin and fat are then snipped away, and the incision is closed to reveal slender, youthful-looking thighs. If you think you may benefit from a thigh lift, contact Dr. Lamblet’s office today.


Thigh Lift Procedures