Meet Dr. hebert Lamblet

Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon

Providing humanitarian plastic surgery work and cosmetic procedures to patients in Brazil and around the world, his Rio de Janeiro practice frequently treats patients from European countries and the United States. Dr. Lamblet will consult with you to learn what goals you wish to achieve through cosmetic surgery.

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“The only way to achieve natural-looking results that endure over time is through proper technique, executed with precision. “
– Dr. Lamblet

Rejuvenate & Restore Throughout Your Life Stages

Turn back the hands of time and renew your youthful appearance and natural beauty

Aging is a beautiful and natural process, but it may come with its ups and downs. As we experience the various seasons of life, we will all go through physical changes that we want to reverse or modify in order to look as good as we feel. We provide a diverse range of both surgical and non-surgical procedures that will complement and enhance your natural beauty. Read below to learn more about the recommended procedures and treatments for your particular stage in life.

You Life Stages

Preparing For Your Procedure

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