About Medical Tourism

A Few Words About Medical Tourism in Brazil

Most importantly, Dr. Lamblet is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon in private practice in Brazil. At the Vikaara Klinik, he offers high-quality world-renowned surgical services directly to potential and former patients from many different countries. Dr. Lamblet’s plastic surgery and reconstructive practice are not affiliated with any third-party medical tourism facilitator or any medical tourism agents.

It is unthinkable that any physician would allow anything to stand between the doctor-patient relationship. The reality of the medical tourism agent business arrangement is that it clouds the physician responsibility and commitment to do no harm. Medical tourism facilitators act as intermediaries to put buyers, namely the patients, together with sellers, in this case, the doctors, hospitals, and other services, without taking ownership of the patient-centred medical service cycle.

Medical travel agents have no medical training or credentials, but they are commissioned nonetheless to locate and to coordinate various third-party interests to arrange all-inclusive packages for various surgical procedures. They choose the destination based on the lowest priced physician fee, hospital facility, transportation, accommodation, and more. Agents usually receive a referral fee of anywhere between 7.5% – 30% of the total cost from healthcare providers, hospitals, or from other facilities who use intermediaries to find clients. You will come upon these medical tourism deals advertised as convenient value-added all-inclusive vacations.

Obviously, this turnkey service is not free. Trips arranged by medical tourism facilitators can be a lot more affordable and safer in the absence of the many intermediaries and their high commission fees. A patient undergoing an operation is not travelling for holiday sightseeing. The important questions to ask about medical tourism packages are: Who is responsible to the patient and what is that responsibility from start to finish? Who does the patient turn to if things don’t go as planned?

Dr. Lamblet’s patients arrive from many different countries for various plastic surgery and reconstructive treatments. His services are provided after having had personal contact with the patient. Dr. Lamblet’s preliminary medical assessments are always made in the context of a direct doctor-patient relationship. He is accountable for the care provided to his patients. Former patients return to Brazil for the quality of care and personalized experience.

While our patients are responsible for arranging their own flight and accommodation, we are providing useful general information and advice below to help kick-start your research about the best airlines and where to stay during the healing process.