ARM LIFT surgery

Typically, drooping of the skin and fat in the upper arm occurs as a result of aging or significant weight loss. Diminished skin elasticity can cause the skin to hang loosely from the arm. Ideal candidates for this procedure are patients with moderate to severe skin laxity and stubborn fat deposits in the upper arm.

The arm lift surgically tightens the skin of the arm so that the arms are taut and slender. The techniques used during arm lift surgery are similar to techniques used in a tummy tuck.

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Dr. Lamblet makes an incision through which he removes fat and skin to reshape and tighten the arm. Because this incision is hidden on the underside of the arm, there is no visible scarring following the procedure. Arm lift results in an improved arm contour that is smoother, more slender, and proportionate.

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Arm Lift Procedures